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Hi, I'm Daniel.

Designer. Artist. Problem Solver.

25. German. good guy.

banned from 6 aux cables movie buff unapologetic pop listener privilege checked always tired trans rights walks a lot color machine broke accessibility advocate perpetually cold thinks too much pls hire me black lives matter he/him

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Web design

I use design to build a web that is better and more inclusive than what we know now.

print design

Holding something in your hand is another sensation entirely. Let’s make it look and feel good.


I help organize and visualize thoughts. That way we can build anything we want to.

about me

I’m a Designer with a 3-year apprenticeship completed back in 2018. Used to work in marketing at an industrial firm, then a small agency. Skilled in most facets of modern design, including – but not limited to – print design and marketing, corporate identity, prototyping and particular skills in web and UX design. When time allows I’m also a passionate illustrator. 

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i like working for free

No, really. If you run a non-profit, a school or anything else for the public good, I will gladly work with you for free when you need something designed.